Friday, 21 October 2011

Follow Friday (14) - Superhero Surprises

Follow Friday is a weekly meme hosted by Parajunkie and Alison. It's a really fun way to get to know other bloggers and pick up a few new followers on the way.

This week's question is: What superhero is your alter-ego? 

This week's question is a really difficult one for me because I am a massive superhero geek. There are so many that I like and probably none that would fit as an alter ego but because I have to make a choice I would say Poison Ivy because of the cool evil botanist thing or Storm from X-Men because I think her powers are the best.

In reality, if I were really a superhero, I would probably be mostly like Monk, the female version.  Twitchy and OCD but gets the job done.

So what did you guys pick this week?


  1. Old Follower hopping thru for FF. Have a great weekend and Check out my response at Gimme

    The Scoop Reviews

  2. Old follower stopping by! I give you major props for using the phrase "evil botanist" in a sentence. And I think I read a comics article somewhere that said that if they were being honest in the comics, Storm could solve almost all of the X-Men battles by herself. :-)

  3. You love xmen comics too?! No wonder we clicked from the start..our Xmen dna was calling out to the other...
    ROFL at your comment about Monk. No, not even! lol

  4. Just hopping through! I’m a new follower! Please follow back: :)

  5. "Cool evil botanist", I love that! X-Men is full of awesome superheroes, and super villains... :P

  6. That is hilarious! Especially the part about Monk. :)

    Figuring out who your alter ego is is HARD! If I had to choose, I think I'd choose Buffy. Can I consider her a super hero?

  7. Three fabulous picks! I'm giggling at the mental image of a female Monk... :)

  8. Great picks!
    I especially like your Monk comparison. LOL.

    Happy Friday! Old follower visiting
    My FF post

  9. New follower!

    It would be awesome to be Storm!

    You have a beautiful blog :)

    Here's my FF

  10. Those are all really great choices! Could we maybe take bits and pieces from each super hero forming our own original one??

  11. Ahh monk is so amazing ! I just love him !

    I'm a new follower too ! Thanks for stopping by my blog !

  12. Poison Ivy was my second choice! I, also, really love Storm! I think she has awesome abilities!

    I'm a new follower!
    Happy Friday!

    - Sarah
    Sarah's Shelf

  13. Monk! That's awesome... Can he be considered a superhero? He's the best character, though. Great choice.

  14. I absolutely LOVE Monk! <3 He's the best. Although, would you be the comic Poison Ivy or the movie version?

    (My GFC is working again. I have no clue why it wasn't showing up! D:)

  15. Ha ha! I love Monk! I have many Monkish qualities. I miss that show.

  16. Oooo Poison Ivy is a good choice! New follower :)
    Chapter by Chapter

  17. LOL, see? You were being realistic too. ;) I like Poison Ivy; just another thing we have in common.

  18. Hopping through. I've never heard of Poison Ivy. Is she from Xmen too?
    My Hop

  19. I picked Wonder Woman
    New follower, here's mine

  20. Thank for hopping! I totally agree about storm, she is just so powerful and when she gets angry you can't help but be excited about it. People who control the weather in any fantasy are always super-powerful.

  21. Those are some good choices. I had no idea what to put.

  22. hehe. I didnt do FF on Friday (had the flu last week( but I loved this question! Oh and Monk? hehe too funny!


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